Healing- by wonderful blogger Val Boyko

We must feel in order to heal. Yet the hurts of the past are protected by layers of coping and behaviors that soothe. Like blankets around our wounded hearts. Pulling away these layers feels more painful than facing the hurt beneath. The numbing feels more like home than the raw vulnerability. Be kind to this […] […]

OH Love !!!

  Beautiful dialogue about love that touched me!….. from the series “Alif Allah aur Insaan”. Thanks to my wonderful friend Navaira Farooq for assisting me with the translation ; to make it as close as possible to the real essence of what is being expressed in Urdu language!   SCENE 1 Reena: I think I […]

This Morning I Love You

Originally posted on Speaking Soulish:
I don’t care if you are weak or strong, Certain or confused, Kind or cruel, Grownup or childish. This morning I love you for the innate divinity of your soul, For all your struggles to be a better person, For all that your heart is and will yet be, For…